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Ready - REPPSI

Project Detail

READY+ is an acronym that stands for Resilient & Empowered Adolescent & Young People

Adolescents and young people living with or most affected by HIV (A&YPLHIV), especially those who are most vulnerable, are resilient, empowered, and knowledgeable, have bodily autonomy and the freedom and agency to realize their sexual and reproductive health and rights


Outcome 1: Resilient and empowered A&YPLHIV have increased knowledge and agency to make healthier and informed choices about their bodies and their lives.

Outcome 2: Safe and supportive communities advance gender equality, including the sexual and reproductive health and rights and well-being of A&YPLHIV.

Outcome 3: Increased access to, and use of, high quality, integrated, and comprehensive HIV, SRHR, and mental health and well-being services by A&Y PLHIV, that are responsive to their specific needs.

Outcome 4: Greater accountability of decision-makers and policymakers to enhancing gender equality and protecting, promoting, and fulfilling the sexual and reproductive health and rights

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